This wasn’t the plan. The coronavirus pandemic has changed the dynamics. Earlier in the year, we had planned to replace our vehicles with new and better ones. “No wahala”! This will still happen before the end of the year. 

While we wait for things to improve, maintaining our current vehicles to serve us longer should be utmost in our minds. In doing this, opting for genuine and original spare parts as against tokunbo spare parts should naturally come to mind for the obvious reasons—saving cost and stress.

If you continue to use tokunbo parts, what you fail to understand is that the tokunbo parts you happily purchase for your vehicle have been used for several years and now unfit for use. Put them in your vehicle, “two seconds, everything burst”! 

You see, replacing them will even cost you more time, energy and money. Don’t forget the “gbas gbos” you are likely to encounter with your mechanic. 

As you carry out checks on your vehicle, there could be a need to change certain damaged maintenance parts. Avoid choosing inferior or tokunbo parts over quality. We have brand new, quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance parts, sold at affordable prices.Call us on 090 6239 6062 to order your OEMs parts.

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