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A New way to identify original spark plug

Consumers are on the edge. Inflation is stealing our purchasing power. Our Naira is shrinking in value. The unsuspecting average consumer is plundered, and stepped on. Let me explain.

Some retailers are taking advantage of the already worsened situation to extort consumer. They sell inferior and counterfeit products for cheap price. 

This is a ploy to keep the consumer hooked on repeat buy. If you count the number of repeat buy for the same item without satisfaction, you will notice that you have spent four times above the amount for the original product. This can be painful.

Now, guess what! The tight economic situation occasioned by the Covid -19 pandemic, leaves no room for experimentation any longer. 

So, what do you do when your mechanic or a retailer says the spark plug s/he bought or selling to you is original? Tell them, great Job! But don’t take their word for it. Insist you take a second look at the sparkplug. This sounds interesting right?  Wait for the good part. 

There is a secret to identifying an original spark plug.

Original spark plug contains cooper core as against fake spark plug which is iron only

Copper is an excellent heat conductor. High temperature heat is quickly dissipated away from the center-electrode to prevent melt down.

Absence of a copper-core center electrode however results in poor heat dissipation capability and prolonged use causes power loss due to excessive heat buildup. This results in melt down of the ground electrode, eventually leading to serious engine damage.

To avoid engine damage, always insist on using original spark plugs. We have brand new, quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) maintenance parts, sold at affordable prices.Call us on 090 6239 6062 to order your OEM parts OR visit Total Service Station closest to you.

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