Thinking of Excellent Car Service? Here’s Why You Should Choose AutoFast.

Periodic car maintenance is a critical part of car ownership. It typically consists of a menu of services like replacing aging parts and fluids as well as visual inspections to check that key components are still working properly within a predetermined time. Car owners love to carry out this routine maintenance because they are well aware of the obvious benefits. A well and timely maintained car not only saves you money from expensive repairs; safety, longevity, drivability, performance, and handling are in large part determined by the consistent care delivered over the lifespan of the vehicle.

As appealing as this may sound, some persons are wary of their mechanics due to their theatrics.

A very prevalent case is that of the use of counterfeit parts for car maintenance. Counterfeit spare parts are not as efficient as genuine parts and when they fail, it can be outright dangerous to the car’s system and a safety concern for the occupants as well. Another case is that of improper diagnosis. Some unskilled mechanics oftentimes engage in trial and error as a way of finding the cause of vehicle malfunction. This has caused so many persons a fortune.

If you care about your car, you must be deliberate on the type of spare parts, the type of workshop, and the skill level of the mechanic handling your car maintenance or major repairs. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself; do the mechanics have a problem-solving ability, how detailed are they, what is their hard skill level, are your belongings safe, does the workshop have modern equipment, will your maintenance be done in time? These questions are important if you wish to avoid “stories that touch”.

With the questions above, only a handful of workshops can meet these criteria in Nigeria and their prices are relatively high. This is where AutoFast steps in with its unique offerings.

AutoFast, a multi-brand quick service franchise of the CFAO group is in partnership with TOTAL Energies. The brand provides professional car maintenance service with top genuine spare parts through TOTAL Energies Service Stations network and the franchise stand-alone workshops in Nigeria and across Africa.

The brand is known for its impeccable track record in automotive maintenance services with genuine spare parts from leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brands across the world. Key spare parts partners include Aisin, Bosch, Cworks, Coopers Fiam, Denso, Philips, Riken, Valeo just to mention a few. These partners send their products directly from their warehouses. This should clear doubts on quality.  

As a part of its Quick Service, AutoFast completes routine maintenance such as Oil Change, Filters, Spark Plugs, Wiper Blades, Brake Pads, Battery, Tyres & Wheels Balancing, A/C Maintenance Service, in less than one hour.

AutoFast technicians are well trained and boast of extensive experience in diagnosing and servicing the different makes and models of both old and recent vehicles. Similarly, AutoFast pieces of equipment are modern. For instance, its AC recovery machine provides an eco-friendly mode of recycling and topping up refrigerant as well as compressor oil. It is also equipped with a manifold gauge that suggests if your AC is faulty or not.

If you think this is awesome, wait for the big surprise. For every visit to the AutoFast Service centre, they carry out a 35-point control check on your vehicle to ascertain the general condition of your vehicle and to further advise you. This service is free of charge. Isn’t this great?

AutoFast offers three maintenance packages; Standard Package, Performance Package, and Premium Package and you can service your vehicle starting at ₦12, 000.

At AutoFast, you are guaranteed the highest level of professionalism and your car fixed right the “First time”. If you never receive a receipt from your mechanic? Well, at AutoFast, you will get a computerized receipt and if not given, please insist. There is also an efficient customer feedback mechanism.

Won’t you rather service your vehicle where peace of mind is guaranteed?

Visit us today, drive into any of the following locations closest to you or book an appointment at         

Total Service Station Igbobi 

136/138, Ikorodu Road, Onipanu

Total Service Station Lekki

Lekki Phase 2, Chevron Roundabout, Ajah

Total Service Station Sura

Simpson Street, Lagos Island

Total Service Station Wuse Zone 6

10 Herbert Macaulay Way Wuse, Abuja

Total Service Station 2 Alapere

Alapere, Ketu

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